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At Esquivel Construction, it’s our mission to provide customers with professional, effective and quick work! Stucco is serious business and we want your home or business to look brand new. If you are wondering what the difference between Stucco or Plastering is – we’ll tell you! Stucco is for the exterior and Plaster is for the interior.

If you live in a busy neighborhood or want some peace and quiet at your office, the best building material to cancel out sound is plaster and stucco. This works because once the walls dry, they create a very tight seal that doesn’t allow those pesky sounds wave to intrude. The downfall to this is that cell phone signals sometimes have a weakened signal. No worries, it is not enough to make a difference. You can still call, text, and surf the web on your smartphone. Both can be applied to be smoother than glass or textured to your wildest dreams. Just let us know what you want! We do have samples available if you need ideas. As far as colors go, both can be painted to match an existing color or a brand new color. The mud can also be colored too. At the end of the day, mixing stucco and plaster is a craft, you have to mix the ingredients just right. If it’s not applied right the mud will get too runny and fall right off your home or you’ll start to see cracks.

house with new orange paint
house with new plaster

The vast majority of home here in the Southwest utilize stucco siding in one form or another due to our harsh weather conditions. 
Stucco is highly versatile and during siding material. When applied correctly stucco can last a lifetime and provide insulation – which helps lower the cost of energy bills. Whether you need full remodel or just an application to areas that are cracking and chipping we promise to ensure your finished result leaves you happy! 

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